Neurodynamics and neurological implications in LQ NMSK-presentations.

We are starting another part of the subject: «Neurodynamics and neurological implications in LQ NMSK-presentations». This module includes 2 lessons.

Lesson 2: Neurological assessment on LQ


  1. How to run a Neurological assessment of LQ
  2. To understand specific presentations related to neurological redflags on the LW


The resources and their timing, offers you two parallel tracks:

  1. One maintaining the face-to-face schedule
  2. Another for when me or you cannot connect at the established time or the technique fails

During the timetabled class slot, I will be connected to BB, but instead of lecturing, I will be dedicated to resolving queries and asking questions based on what was collected in the forum before the class. If the videoconference works, this period will be recorded so that it is accessible afterwards for you. Otherwise, explanations are made through the chat or announcements.

If you dont have any queries, I invited you to use the same time to complete the lesson, having me connected, just in case they have any questions during the lesson.

After the lesson you are invited to contact with me F2F and participate on the forum lead to express your reflections and to check your understanding.

Meanwhile, do not hesitate to send me any questions.


This lesson takes 1 F2F time, in case you need it. If not use this time to do take the most of the materials:

D2 16/04, 9:30-11:20: Lecture, clarifications + participation on BB

  1. Participate in the F2F session
  2. Check the PWP lesson. Take notes and reflect
  3. Participate on the 2nd lead of the forum AFTER the lecture
  4. Check the demo video of neurological assessment



If you want to know more:


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